Soda Ash

Depending on the purpose, technical soda ash is made of two grades: A (granulated) and B (powdered).

The use of soda ash (sodium carbonate).

Soda ash has a wide range of applications in technological processes of various industries, such as electronic, glass, pulp and paper, oil refining, chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical.

The main directions of use:

  • production of various types of glass (crystal, electrovacuum, optical and medical glass, glass blocks, foam glass, “liquid glass”, etc.) and ceramic tiles;
  • in soap manufacture;
  • manufacture of synthetic detergents (washing and scouring powders);
  • leather and cellulose treatment;
  • obtaining ultramarine pigment;
  • production of paints and varnishes (enamel, a component of frits for glazes);
  • water softening of steam boilers and generally elimination of water hardness;
  • degreasing of metals and desulfation of blast furnace iron;
  • as a starting product for the production of sodium hydroxide, sodium hydrogen phosphate, borax, etc .
  • processing of bauxite in the production of aluminum;
  • waste gas cleaning;
  • neutralization noun.